Woodham Mortimer

1955 Ferrari 857S Monza Spyder Scaglietti


  • Year: 1955
  • Configuration: RHD
  • Price: POA


Private Viewing

One of the rarest of all Ferrari's. Build Number 2 of 4. Ferrari Work's Cars. Very rarely seen for sale.

This Car is currently in a large Private Collection and is rarely seen in public.

The Ferrari 857S was a racing car that Ferrari built in 1955 and that Scuderia used in sports car races in 1955 and 1956.

When it turned out during the 1955 sports car world championship season that the Ferrari 750 Monza had virtually no chance against the Mercedes-Benz works cars, the Scuderia team management decided to build a new racing car. The works cars were lightly used.

The 857S was equipped with the largest displacement version of the legendary four-cylinder in-line which started its career with World Championship victories in 1952 and 1953 and was later upped to a three-litre with the same external block dimensions. The very few Type 857 S models built served as a basis for the development of its successor, the Type 860 Monza, which differed from it in certain technical details, such as the number of gears (four instead of five) and the shape of the majestic Scaglietti bodywork.

More recent history has seen the Car appear at the 2000 Monaco GP Historique, 2000 Goodwood Revival and the Mille Miglia in 1989, 2002, 2003 and 2009,

Ferrari Historical Notes & Period Race History

0584M 55   *** 2nd of 4 ***

Ferrari 857/S, Monza Spyder Scaglietti, RHD
0584M restamped to 0578M before sold to de Portago
0578M assembly data sheets renumbered to 0584M
chassis type 510m also stamped 0203M on the car both numbers are stamped close to each other

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Scuderia Ferrari  
56/jan/29 2nd 1000 km Buenos Aires Olivier Gendebien /
Phil Hill
#36 C77 p23
Not 0584
55/jun/19 dnf
Coppa Shell,
P Taruffi #56  
55/jul/23 1st 10 Ore Messina
Eugenio Castellotti
Maurice Trintignant
56/feb/26 1st OA GP Agadir Maurice Trintignant #5 C152 p5
56/mar/11 1st OA GP Senegal,
Maurice Trintignant #31  
56/apr/08 1st OA
1st S+2.0
XVI. Giro di Sicilia Peter Collins /
Louis Klemantaski
#337 GdS p115
56 - renumbered before being sold to 0578M ... renumbered 0203  
56 - Marquis Alfonso de Portago, E  
56/jun/10 5th OA
5th S3.0
1000km Paris,
Alfonso de Portago /
Phil Hill
56/jun/17 1st OA GP Porto
Circuito da Boavista
Alfonso de Portago #14  
56/jul/22 dnf GP di Bari 3000 Alfonso de Portago #44  
56/nov/04 dnf GP du Venezuela,
Alfonso de Portago #4  
57/feb/25 3rd OA
3rd S+2.0
GP Cuba,
Alfonso de Portago #12  
Note: see also 0584 since the identity of the cars has been changed once in there life and the information indicates that 0584M was rebuilt after the Argentinian race, some results are listed on both cars which needs some additional information to make a future correction  
56 - Gene (Eugene) Greenspun, NY, NY, USA  
57/mar/23 practice only
12h Sebring Collins /
Trintignant /
de Portago /
Musso /
Hill /
von Trips
#16T Scuderia Ferrari entry
57/aug/04  9th OA
4th DM
Inaugural Grand Prix Sports Car Races
SCCA National Virginia
VIR, Danville
Race 5
Gene Greenspun #44  
57/aug/04  acc.
Inaugural Grand Prix Sports Car Races
SCCA National Virginia
VIR, Danville
Race 10
Gene Greenspun #44  
- flipped and rolled at VIR  
57/sep - Chinetti removed engine and sold it to E.D. Martin, Columbus, OH, USA  
57/sep - E.D. Martin installed original engine in 0498M (750 Monza)  
79 - "wreck" found in the Bronx, NY, USA  
79 -Steven Kessler, NY, NY, USA - 4 cyl. Facel Vega engine, basically a set of frame rails with MG suspension and remnants of a body so battered it really could not be identified  
81/oct/18 - offered by Joe Alphabet, needs everything. L.A. Times, stored at European Auto  
82 - engine only with Caveng, CH  (M.C. to M.B in Silverstone)  
84 - Giorgio Schoen, Milano, I - restored by Livio Guarneri

Stephen Griswold ... "with new body the original was retained and eventually remounted by Angelo Galeazzi who entrusted this work to Quality Car ex Cognolato employees."
.. - engine 0688 installed from 0664  
89   Mille Miglia Guarneri /
#246 "32049 B6"
89/jun/11   La Leggenda Ferrari - Sport e Prototipi, Imola Guarneri    
89/nov - offered by Livio Guarneri in T&CC 11/89 p203 +02-331-3864 FAX  
93 - CFF25  
00 - David Clark, London, UK (Taylor & Crawley)  
00/may/27-28   GP Historique Monaco David Clark #9c  
00/sep/15-17   Goodwood Revival Meeting David Clark #8  
01/nov/30-dec/09 - displayed at Motor Show, Essen, D  
../... - Steve Griswold  
02/feb - Angelo Galeazzi, Brescia, I  
02/may/02-04   Mille Miglia Angelo Galeazzi / Jacopo Galeazzi #209  
03/may/22-24   Mille Miglia Galeazzi /           Portesi #174  
09/may/14-16   Mille Miglia Angelo Galeazzi /
Jacopo Galeazzi
10/late - Emilio Comelli, I  
11/feb/02-06 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F by Sport & Collection C182 p4